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Ybee King Shabah Warns Maslang The C. E. O Of Westside Music To Stop Throwing Jabs On Him, Using Mumble Jumble Diss Song #Tagged “Facts “!!!

Dear Maslang 🖊

You of all people must know me musically more than any one in the industry. The day I drop a diss track it will wipe out you, your team and all your favorite rappers. If I wanted to post anything that relates to the Mumble Jumble vs king shabah past beef though what for really I would still ask for permission from him for peace sake. But you are everyday posting lyrics and links of those diss tracks on your blog page for your own reasons I wouldn’t even care to know. Besides mumble has a new Hit ft Brizzy why not promote it massively than focusing on old old diss tracks?Heal nika Heal, from any shit that makes you indirectly throw jabs at me. You don’t even have to use mumble to get to me if you are a man. Get your favorites and come up with a new flop that will target me stop using jumble ‘s songs. Your website has favorites and segregation is killing it now.We were never considered. That’s why the last time I had anything to do with westside music blog was 2years ago. If there’s any of my new works on your site then it was boomin all along and I have never had a problem with that. You can’t bring the negative energies back to life it’s over mumble & I had differences then but he is a brother now. Wtf bro thé next time I see a post from your page or your site page promoting those diss tracks just know you ve set yourself on fire. Na haniwakukulela Buhobe bwamanyonga napulumuka. Take it as a threat if you like but it’s a warning ⛔️

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